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ICON Capital’s Sports & Media Series 1 Sub-Fund

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ICON Investments Fund
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A global investment and financial services professional, Dirk Coetzer has served as managing director of ICON Capital Sarl since 2008. His duties at this Capellen, Luxembourg-based firm revolve around the oversight of several different investment funds. One of the sub-funds under Dirk Coetzer’s management is the Sports & Media Series 1 Sub-Fund.

Although it operates under the umbrella of the mono securitization ICON Investments Fund, the Sports & Media Series 1 Sub-Fund and its assets are independent from the other sub-funds of the ICON Investments Fund. The organizers of this fund were Mr. Coetzer, the management team at ICON Capital Sarl, and their team of authorities in the field of broadcasting.

The Sports & Media Series 1 Sub-Fund is fully registered and appears on appropriate financial industry listing systems such as Clearstream. In addition to investing in sports and media events around the world, this sub-fund stays abreast of investment opportunities that involve new advancements in broadcasting technology.