Activities of the European Life Settlement Association


European Life Settlement Association pic

European Life Settlement Association

Dirk Coetzer brings extensive experience in investment banking and wealth management to his role as managing director of the investment firms ICON Capital Sarl and Firminy Capital Sarl, both based in Luxembourg. As an active supporter of the European Life Settlement Association (ELSA), Dirk Coetzer is committed to a comprehensive code of practice that ensures the industry’s highest level of ethical and professional standards.

The goals of ELSA include education, promoting best practices, and research development facilitated through the following activities:

1. Creating and updating a comprehensive list of best practices and product guidelines.

2. Organizing a yearly investor conference.

3. Organizing symposiums (typically half-day) involving panel discussions and topical presentations by industry experts.

4. Collaborating with key regulators and related industry associations, including the Financial Conduct Authority, Luxembourg’s Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, and the Irish Stock Exchange, on industry developments and the development of best practices.

5. Publishing documents, including research and conference presentations, of interest to the ELSA community.


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