Save the Rhino Charity Hosts London Fundraising Walk


Save the Rhino International pic

Save the Rhino International

As managing director for ICON Capital Sarl, Dirk Coetzer is responsible for fund management. A trade finance specialist, Dirk Coetzer also supports several charities, including Save the Rhino, a group that helps protect all five rhino species and to prevent them from becoming extinct.

Save the Rhino was founded in the early 1990s to combat the extensive poaching of rhinoceros that had begun over twenty years before. The group works on conservation and field projects in both Africa and Asia, and also provides grants to organizations with similar missions.

There are many ways to fundraise for Save the Rhino. The organization hosts numerous events each year, including marathons. For those who are not runners, Save the Rhino will host the London Walking Marathon on September 24, 2016. Participants can help the charity while getting an up close and personal view of London’s most famous sights, including Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.


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