Organ Donation Foundation Helps Ensure Donor Organs Reach Recipients


Organ Donor Foundation  pic

Organ Donor Foundation

Trade finance specialist Dirk Coetzer has a long history in the investment industry. After serving as director of trade finance at Firminy Inc., in 2008 he took a position as managing director at ICON Capital Sarl. In addition to his fund management work, Dirk Coetzer supports the work of charitable organizations such as the Organ Donor Foundation (ODF).

The ODF is best known for its work raising awareness about the need for organ donors and encouraging people to register as donors. However, it also works to make sure that donated organs get where they are needed in enough time to save lives. Through the Emergency Flight Fund, the ODF administers the Transplant Flight for Life program.

Through the judicious use of sponsored flights, the program ensures that flights are available on short notice. That way, when an organ becomes available, transplantation can begin as quickly as possible. If sponsored flights are not available, the fund pays for chartered flights. This program helps make sure that recipients get the donor organs they so desperately need.


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