Preserving Endangered Species with Save the Rhino International

Save the Rhino International  pic

Save the Rhino International

Dirk Coetzer, a financial professional and the managing director of ICON Capital Sarl in Luxembourg, is involved in Save the Rhino International. As a graduate of Pretoria Technikon in South Africa, Dirk Coetzer is involved in conserving one of Africa’s most endangered animals.

The goal of Save the Rhino International is to protect all five rhinoceros species in the wild. Helping these animals to thrive keep the ecosystem in better balance and allow future generations to enjoy the natural world.

To achieve these goals, the organization partners with various agencies that support the endangered rhinos throughout Africa and Asia. Together, they gather funds that they use to protect rhinos and raise their population numbers.

An important part of rhino conservation is guaranteeing that residents living in rhino areas benefit from the conservation efforts with programs for employment, education, capacity building, sustainability of natural resources, and outreach. This includes running campaigns that seek to change the demand for their horns within consumer nations.


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