Becoming a ScrumMaster

Utilizing his nearly two decades in the financial industry, Dirk Coetzer serves as the managing director of ICON Capital Sarl and Firminy Capital Sarl. Skilled in structured finance, securitization, and financial management, Dirk Coetzer also holds the title of ScrumMaster.

An important tool for handling complex projects, Scrum features an Agile framework that enables it to suit most large-scale endeavors. Initially, a manager develops a prioritized list of tasks related to one overarching cause. Teams take small segments from the top of the list and determine how to accomplish each goal. The individual tasks must be completed within a set schedule (normally between two and four weeks), but employees must provide daily updates on their progress to the ScrumMaster. This continues until the overall project is finished.

Certified ScrumMasters play a crucial role in ensuring that Scrum proceeds according to plan. To receive this title, individuals must learn about Scrum through the online resources available at Subsequently, they must attend a two-day course led by a Scrum expert and successfully complete a Certified ScrumMaster test. If they pass the examination, they must accept a license agreement and register to become part of the Scrum Alliance.


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