Dirk Coetzer Manages Sub-Funds at Firminy Capital Sarl

Skilled in trade and structured finance, Dirk Coetzer utilizes his experience by serving as managing director of ICON Capital Sarl and Firminy Capital Sarl, both of which are based out of Luxembourg. At the latter firm, Dirk Coetzer develops numerous sub-funds, including the Arabian Gulf Series 1 and the Brazil Bahamas Series 1.

Listed on Clearstream and other such organizations, Firminy Capital Sarl’s sub-funds keep their assets separate from the group’s other funds and sub-funds. The fund managers securitize the risks of zero coupon, bank-issued securities, project loans, and additional receivables by placing them into a single rated instrument dedicated to a sole purpose. The agency sells this instrument to institutional and corporate investors who can further its objectives.

Along with investing in specific geographical regions, Firminy Capital Sarl also maintains a Global Smart City Series 1 fund. Also found on Clearstream, this sub-fund consists of shares and medium term notes and is only available to sophisticated investors. It concentrates on securitizing risks related to development loans guaranteed by the Chinese government for purposes of building the Global Smart City. This endeavor refers to a Hong Kong holding company’s plan to produce a “Smart World” featuring a sustainable economy, environmentally clean technology, efficient mobility, and other components to make for a better life for all “citYzens.” To learn about these funds, visit firminy.eu.


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