Firminy Global Smart City Series 1 Sub-Fund

Experienced financial services professional Dirk Coetzer serves as a managing director of ICON Capital Sarl and Firminy Capital Sarl. One of the major initiatives Dirk Coetzer oversees at Firminy Capital is the Global Smart City Series 1, which is a registered sub-fund operated by Firminy Equity Fund FT and held separately from other sub-funds held by the organization.

This sub-fund focuses on securities related to the Global Smart City organization in Hong Kong. This project concentrates on creating a new urban and rural city development model that emphasizes stability and sustainability, structuring city development in a way that leads to more efficient governance, consistent economic development, and clean technology. One major goal of the Global Smart Cities project is to diminish the significant gaps in wealth that occur using current social models that leave some in severe scarcity. This organization also partners with other industry leaders and government organizations on a regular basis, seeking the best possible technological and organizational solutions to the challenges faced in modern city development initiatives.


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