Alternative Energy Investing in 2013: Wind, Solar, and More

Dirk Coetzer, a seasoned trade financial professional, is managing director of Firminy Capital Sarl, a Luxembourg-based investment firm. Among his many initiatives, Dirk Coetzer structured investment strategies for the company’s Alternative Energy Series, which invests in alternative energy research and development.

Some analysts indicate that alternative energy investments are quite sound choices in 2013. Despite the fact that solar energy performed poorly in the prior two fiscal years, it is showing signs of hope; there is also demonstrable growth in wind energy. Many feel that, while solar companies had a chaotic period, the reduction in suppliers has left those remaining in a stronger position for long-term growth.

Wind is among clean energy’s fastest-growing sectors, with significant increases in installation predicted for the next two decades. Offshore wind is yielding excitement as well; the potential energy generated in offshore areas, with under 100 feet of water, can match the generating capacity of the United States. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has noted interest in leases for wind facilities off of New York’s coast, and the Obama administration will hold lease auctions for sites off of the Massachusetts coast this year.


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