Firminy Equity Fund

Firminy Capital Sarl, a securitization company headquartered in Luxembourg, operates under the management of Dirk Coetzer. Like many professionals, Dirk Coetzer and his associates benefit from the financial edge gained by doing business in a prosperous foreign country. The laws of Luxembourg permit individuals and corporations to protect a portion of their assets by putting them into securitization funds. Firminy Capital Sarl handles a number of these funds, most notably Firminy Equity Fund.

Securitization funds in Luxembourg are classified as either “mono” or “dual.” Firminy Equity Fund falls into the former category, and is further identified as an umbrella fund. The overall purpose of the Firminy Equity Fund is to provide a location where wealth can be safely stored and managed; those wishing to forgo the risk of holding certain assets may place them into this fund.

Firminy Capital Sarl is dedicated to safe-guarding the property and investments entrusted to the Firminy Equity Fund, and has even surpassed its legal obligations by conducting a regular financial review.


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